President Profile – Try Boys Basketball Club

While Geelong United Basketball takes a hiatus due to Covid 19, we thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce you to all of our 18 club Presidents.

These dedicated Presidents are part of those behind the scenes volunteers that make sure teams are filled, coaches are available and training sessions are run, to help develop and nurture our Basketball talent from Juniors through to Seniors.

This week we get an insight to Try Boys Basketball Club and their President Kelwyn Hough.

What year was your club established?


Is there a back story to why the club was established?

The Try Boys Basketball Club is a subcommittee of the Geelong ‘Try Boys’ Brigade and was established with other founding clubs to compete in the Geelong Amateur Basketball Association that later became Basketball Geelong and is now Geelong United Basketball.

The Geelong ‘Try Boys’ Brigade has been established for 172 years and was established as a way to engage the male youths in Geelong in worthwhile activities. In the 1950’s they saw that Basketball was a growth sport in the region and begun the process of building the Try Boys Basketball Stadium that is still in use and is our home today.

How long have you been your Club’s President?

After a few years in the chair I stepped away for a short time until I returned in 2019 as the Club President.

What drove you to be a Club President?

Since a young age I have been involved with Basketball as a player, coach and a parent and I  understand the amount of work required to run a successful club and want to make a contribution so that others can benefit from Basketball as I have.

My values are closely aligned with those of the Try Boys Brigade and I have a vision for Try Boys to be a community hub that is more than just people playing the sport we love.

What do you love about Basketball?

Basketball is a great team sport that people of all ages and ability can participate in, and like all sports, it promotes well being and social interaction.

We thank Kelwyn for his insight into Try Boys Basketball Club and can’t wait to here from and share with all of you our other clubs in the Geelong United Basketball Domestic competition.