President Profile – Bobcats Basketball Club

What year was your club established?

Established in 2006.

Is there a back story to why the club was established?

Our club was established to play in the Corio Bay Basketball Association at the old Life be in it Centre now known as Geelong Basketball Netball Centre.

Where did your club name come from?

When the Corio Bay Basketball Association was first established the clubs were all divided between areas. We were known as Northern Bobcats Basketball Club as we were recruiting players from the Northern side of Geelong schools.  As the years went by, our recruitment changed and since the coming together of CBBA and Basketball Geelong our committee are removing the Northern from our club name and becoming Bobcats Basketball Club as we now recruit players from all over Geelong.

How long have you been your Club’s President?

6 months and counting!

What drove you to be a Club President?

My kids have all played for Northern Bobcats Basketball Club for last 6 years and I noticed that the committee seemed to be a bit undermanned with lots a work seeming to fall to few people.  A couple of years ago l asked if l could help them out a little to make things a bit easier.  The club seemed to be going through a tough transition period and I wanted to make sure that it continued to thrive.  I helped to organise the last 2 presentation days and was able to save the club some money by sourcing donations. Due to being heavily committed to the Corio Bay Stingrays Junior Representative Committee l couldn’t give much more time to the domestic club at the time. Once the joining of Corio Bay and Basketball Geelong was announced l decided to step back from the representative side of things and help out domestically so I could help the club advance going forward.  I ended up recruiting a full committee and we are all now looking to the future of and seeing the Bobcats Basketball Club becoming a well-respected club in the Geelong region. I want to see this club improve in all aspects and in the last 6 months people have mentioned to me that they are seeing improvements. I have a wonderful committee and coaches,  a fantastic group of parents willing to volunteer their time and expertise, and a great group of kids wanting to learn and play the game.

What do you love about Basketball?

Basketball is a great game in so many ways. Physically it is demanding and very good for fitness and overall health, but it also teaches a range of skills from hand eye co-ordination to peripheral vision, and of course teaches people to work as part of a team. For juniors especially it gives them an outlet for their natural competitiveness and love of sports, and helps us as a club nurture kids into healthy, and driven young men and women.