President Profile – Sharks Basketball Club

Tonight we meet Paul Bugg from the Sharks Basketball Club!

What year was your club established?

Established in 1992.

Is there a back story to why the club was established?

Originally started when a group of friends put together a couple of teams at what was ‘The Life Be In It Centre’. As more people joined the group the decision was made to move to the Geelong Amateur Basketball Association to offer players the opportunity to play in a stronger and representative organisation rather than a center without club structures and little or no recognized coaching available.

How long have you been your Club’s President?

8 years.

What drove you to be a Club President?

Graeme Moore’s nagging and because I really wanted to spend 7 days a week around a basketball stadium!!!!

What do you love about Basketball?

 I love the fact that at a grassroots level our sport provides an opportunity for players of all ages and abilities, to play the sport and the enjoyment it brings to be involved in a team. At Sharks, we aim to provide a safe, happy and healthy sporting atmosphere for children, adults and their families, with the emphasis on enjoyment of competition, rather than just winning. .