Return to Play Information

We are less than a week away until we return to the Basketball Court for what will be our first games in over 4 months. After exactly 128 days since we last had games played, we will be welcoming all of our 18 and under competitions back to the courts! The following information will help you navigate your way through each stadium, give you a step by step guide on how to get into the stadium safely and answer any of the frequently asked questions surrounding our return.


While pre-paid tickets are not compulsory at any of our stadiums. It will make it quicker and easier for both staff and you to get in on game night. They are able to be purchased in different amounts and are valid for the next 2 seasons of competition. If you want to purchase yours head the the link HERE.


The following maps give an overview of how you will enter and exit the stadiums, as well as how the amenities will be accessed. At each venue their will be a Bio Safety Officer (BSO) as well as additional staff to make sure we are all doing the right thing. Please remember to not arrive at your venue more than 10 minutes before your scheduled game as you will not be allowed access until the previous participants have left and cleaning has been completed.


The following video is a guide to how we will be running out stadiums during this next period of time. The steps outlined are filmed at AWA Alliance Bank Stadium. However, all of the steps and processes will be the same across all of our venues. They may just differ in execution due to entry and exit points.

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The following are some frequent questions that are being asked around how we will operate and the rules that are in place across all of our stadiums.

How many spectators are allowed?

Strictly one spectator is allowed per participant regardless of their age.

How many basketballs are allowed per team?

2 Basketballs are allowed to be brought into the stadium for warm ups. The game ball will be provided by GUB.

I am from a lockdown postcode can I come to the Stadium?

No, at this time we ask that if you are from an effected post code that is in lockdown to not attend any of our stadiums. This is for the safety of our staff, other players, spectators and yourself.