Geelong United Basketball 2020/21 VJBL Coaching Cohorts Announced

We would like to congratulate the following Coaches for their selection to be a part of the Geelong United Basketball VJBL Coaching Cohort for the 2020/21 Season. We are thrilled to have so many great Coaches on board to help guide the next generation of Geelong’s junior Basketball talent.

As we prepare for the resumption of Representative Basketball in Victoria, the cohort of Coaches will be actively involved in team trials and the selection of individual teams. Within this, these Coaches will then themselves be chosen from their respective cohorts to guide their team for the 2020/21 season.

We are extremely pleased with the response we received for Coaching Applications this year. It is a testament to how engaged our community is in making sure that Junior Athletes have the best opportunity to grow and learn as both students of the game and as leaders in everyday life. We believe that this talented group of Coaches will hold us in good stead for the continued development of our game moving into the future.

As an indication of collaboration between all levels of Basketball in the area, we at Geelong United Basketball are delighted with the breadth of Domestic Coaches and clubs-people who have put their hand up to take on the rewarding challenge of coaching these Representative Athletes.

See below for the 2020/21 Geelong United Basketball Coaching Cohorts:


Austin Brough

Ayhan Aydin

Drae Seager

Luke Beard

Mark Ellis

Mitchell Stoop

Scott Dumbell


Hugh Moor

Kylie Stonehouse

Marc Cain


Braith Cox

Christopher Hinchliffe

Darcy Stiles

Elliott Horan

Elvis Halilovic

Francis Harrison

Jase McGregor

Patrick Klemke

Paul O’Keefe

Sam Buckby

Sam Thomson

Sanjeewa Jayasekara


Brant Camm

Brendon Matthews

Frank Morrissy

Haami Williams

Mick Bishop

Troy Parker


Ben Barnard

Chad Suphamongkol

Jason Aherne

Joel Thornburgh

Paul Dawson

Simon Favaloro

Tony Messimore


Glen Wolfenden

Jason Richards

Joanne Bowie

Shane Connolly

Simon Jovic

U18B & U21B

Brenton O’Brien

Dan Coles

David McCormick

Grant Langmaid

Greg McKillop

Joel McFall

Mark Ough

Ray Smith

Tyler Kennedy

U18G & U21G

Cherie Beckingham

David Tripodi

Matthew Kelton

Paul Gundry

Terry Marsh