2022 Division 1 Men & Division 2 Women Coaches Announced

With the 2022 season fast approaching we are excited to announce our senior Big V coaches for the 2022 season!

Returning to our Corio Bay Stingrays Division 1 Men side is Geelong stalwart Paul Hutchison. Entering his fifth year as Head Coach Hutchy is looking for his core group to take the last step in their journey and complete their quest for a Championship.

‘It was disappointing that we didn’t get to have a crack at finals given out standing and our form of play heading into the pointy end of the season.’ Hutchison said.

‘Both the players and the coaches thought we had a real opportunity to grab the Championship in 2021 and we know that we are going to be a competitive squad entering 2022.’

With an experienced group of players looking to return as well as Hutchy looking to add some fresh blood into the team ‘(there) is no reason why we couldn’t do it again’ said Hutchison and take that 2022 banner.

We look forward to covering this group all season long as they look to solidify themselves in the Big V History books! Click HERE to register your interest in trying out for our Big V Division 1 Men or any other of our Big V teams for the 2022 season.

Returning to our Corio Bay Stingrays Division 2 Women in a Head Coaching role is Jason Bannerman, who was an integral part of the team as an assistant coach this previous season and is looking forward to stepping up and allowing player/coach Abby Loughhead to focus all her energy on the court this year.

“Heading up the Division 2 Women team in 2022 promises to be both a challenge and an exciting opportunity, especially given that many of our 2021 list have committed to returning next season. With Abby Loughhead opting to focus on playing (and serving as an assistant coach) next season, it enables her to focus on her game as well as giving us a coach on the floor. We are looking forward to teaming up again, as we feel the program has great potential and unfinished business after last year.’ Bannermen Said

Jason’s credentials proceed him and his stints with Northeast Bushrangers, the Wangaratta Warriors and the Shepparton Gators in CBL and Big V displays a great body of knowledge and experience that will hopefully help propel our women to finals contention this coming year.

We look forward to following our Division 2 Women all year long, you can keep up to date on our Facebook and Instagram pages @GeelongUnitedBasketball and right here on our website! Click HERE to register your interest in trying out for our Big V Division 2 Women or any other of our Big V teams for the 2022 season.

Check back in later in the week to meet our Youth League Men and Women Coaches for 2021, but in the meantime, registrations are now open for them as well, click HERE to register today