What is Geelong United Basketball?

Geelong United Basketball is the joint partnership of Corio Bay Basketball (CBBA) and Basketball Geelong (BG).

As of October 2019, Geelong United Basketball will be the largest association in regional Victoria (possibly Australia) catering for both club and social based competitions.


What is the history of Basketball in Geelong?

Geelong has had two large associations fighting for resources for the last 20 years.  This has diminished the quality of product that has been produced by each association from grass roots to the top end.

Traditionally, Basketball Geelong has had a strong club competition focusing on junior programs where as Corio Bay has had a more adult orientated program focusing on social basketball competitions.

In recent years, both associations’ programs and competitions have been sub-par compared to other similar associations in Victoria. The Geelong Region has yet to receive funding for a “Basketball Hub” that is of similar quality to Werribee, Ballarat or Bendigo.


Why did we join forces?

The main focus of the partnership is to improve the quality of basketball across all facets within the Geelong Region.

Other benefits include a united voice for the sport in the region when communicating with government and state bodies, pooling resources including coaches, referees and other officials.

Geelong United is an affiliated association of Basketball Victoria and Basketball Australia and will run affiliated competitions and programs.

Geelong United basketball will provide a clear pathway from grass roots basketball (Aussie Hoops) all the way to NBL1.  It will simplify the registration process (which lowers the cost for members), and provide thriving and suitable competitions for both club and social participants.  Consequently there will be more opportunities for individuals to hit the court each week!


I want to volunteer, how can I help?

Like all grass roots sporting clubs/leagues, we will have many volunteer roles available including coaching, scoring, game day opportunities, fundraising and more.

Please contact Lukas Bentley


What Days will competitions be played?

Please use the information graph below to find relevant information in regards to each competition.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Under 12 Boys U14 Girls U16 Boys Prep -2 School U20’s Boys U10 Girls Mixed Senior
Under 14 Boys U16 Girls U18 Boys Grade 3&4 School U10 Boys
Men’s U18 Girls Men Grade  5&6 School U12 Girls
Women’s U20 Girls Under 12 Girls U12 Boys
Men Under 20 Boys
Women Under 23 Boys

For further information please contact Chantal Nelson or Liz Pilon

What Venues shall be used?

Geelong United Basketball will be using the following venues in the 21/22 summer season:

  • AWA Alliance Bank Basketball Stadium
  • The Geelong Arena
  • Leisure Sports Precinct
  • Grovedale College
  • Geelong Sports Hub
  • Try Boys Basketball Stadium
  • Oberon High School


How much will it cost me?

You can find more information about the fees involved for the Summer competition Here

  • Game Fees will be $10 per player, per game for all competitions (regardless of how many players are present).
  • Players registratrations/memberships are between $55 – $95 a season.
  • Team Entry Fees are $70 early Bird fees and then will be Lifted to $90 on the 24th of September 2021

Geelong United Basketball clubs will also have varying costs associated with Club membership, training fees and uniform.  Contact your Club for further details.


Does Geelong United Basketball provide social competitions?

Geelong United Basketball is offering social competitions on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

These competitions will be offered in the same format as previously run at Corio Bay Basketball. Teams will be expected to manager their own players, Uniforms etc.

To register your team please click HERE


I am a referee, how can I get involved?

Geelong United Basketball Welcomes all Referees and Anyone that is wanting to get involved as a referee.

Geelong United Basketball will continue to operate as an affiliated member of VBRA and will provide the correct pathways for all of its referees.

Availabilities and interest can be emailed to Joseph Pilon.

If you would like to become referee, Geelong United Basketball will be running Level 0 courses twice a year.  For further information, please email Joseph Pilon.

I am interested in a pathway program (VJBL, BigV, CBL, NBL1) who do I contact?

Geelong United Basketball will be entering teams into VJBL, Big V and NBL1.

Keep an eye on the Geelong United Basketball Website for expression of interest for various programs.

Please contact Matthew Paton for more information in regards to pathway programs programs.

I would like to coach, who do I contact?

If you would like to coach domestic basketball please find the contact details for our member clubs here.

If you would like to coach at a higher level please contact Matt Paton.

How do club competitions work?

Club competitions differ to our social competitions as the teams will be managed as by the club its self, rather then needing to do it yourself.

To play in a club competition you need to join a community club. A list of the clubs can be found here with their current contact details.

All junior basketball excluding the School League and Friday social competitions are club based competitions.

How do I contact a club?

Click here for a comprehensive list of all Club contacts.

Which age group am I in?

For the Summer 2021 and Winter 2021 seasons, age groups are decided by the age the player is on December 31st 2021, not what age they are by the end of the season. This is inline with Basketball Victoria guidelines and is standard for basketball competitions.

Please use the following chart to find your correct age group:

Age Groups
Under 10’s Under 12’s Under 14’s Under 16’s Under 18’s Under 20’s Under 23’s Seniors
Ages 8 & 9 (or younger) Ages 10 &11 (or younger) Ages 12 & 13 (or younger) Ages 14 & 15 (or younger) Ages 16 &17 (or younger) Ages 18 & 19 (or younger) Ages 20, 21 and 22 (or younger) Open
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2021 2012 & 2011 2010 & 2009 2008 & 2007 2006 & 2005 2004 & 2003 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999 2004 Or Before


How do I register my team to play?

To register a team for a Summer 21/22 social competition you can enter your team in HERE

To register yourself in a club team please contact your club and provide them with your preferences. Clubs delegates will enter in the team on your behalf.

What do I do if I my team can’t find enough players for our game this week?

The minimum amount of players a team needs to take the court is 4.

However, if you cannot field a team on a week where you are scheduled to play you need to call GUB or speak to your club delegates and notify them of this issue.

Club delegates will inform GUB of any forfeits that need to be called.

If you are a social team please contact GUB as soon as you are sure you cannot field a team. Please see the information on fines associated with walkovers and forfeits HERE

If you discover that you cannot field a team after our business hours, please call the individual stadium phone numbers and call, text or leave a message with your team name and the time you were meant to be playing

Do All GUB Venues accept Cash?

Unfortunately, no. Currently at Oberon High, Try Boys Basketball Stadium and Grovedale College we do not have the facilities to accept cash.



How do I register to myself as a player to a Team?

To register to a team within a club, please contact your club directly and seek their advice as to how to do this.

To register to a social teams, you will need to get access to the unique link that was sent to your team organiser (the individual that entered the team) after they entered the team. If you need access to this link please contact either Chantal or Liz for assistance with this. They are also posted up online under the community tab after competition has begun.


What day do I need to register myself to my team by?

All players need to be registered to their teams before round 3 of the season. If a player joins the season after round three, they will need to have paid their registration before taking the court.

Participants also need to register to all teams that they play permanently in.

Failure to register yourself to a team will result in the forfeit of points for any game that the individual has participated in whilst unregistered.

Do I need to pay a second lot of fees if I play for two teams?

No you don’t! If you have already paid for one lot of fees for Summer 21/22 for each participant, then you do not need to pay it for again. Unfortunately, the system we are using to collect fees doesn’t recognise that you have already paid for these. If you do play for more than one team you will need to contact either Chantal or Liz for a voucher code.

Please include your full name, and the names of all the teams that you will be participating with in summer 21/22

Please note that we no longer hand out these codes until you have paid your fees in full.

If you have a query that has not been answered above or if you require further clarification, please contact us:



Ph 5277 1388.