As of October 1, 2020, the new edition of the FIBA Official Basketball Rules will come into force.

FIBA have decided not to make many significant changes to the rules for 2020/21.

The main changes of the new FIBA Official Basketball Rules 2020/21 maybe summarised as follows:

· Definition of the player’s “cylinder” – extended to include Offensive players
· Clarification of the definition of a shot (Stationary compared to moving); exclusion of ‘rip-through’ moves.
· Definition of the Double Foul – change in penalty decision making as a consequence.
· Definition of an Unsportsmanlike Foul in fast-break situations – designed to simplify decision making
· Definition of Table Officials’ duties (Scorer and Timer)
· Instant Replay System usage and reporting protocol – only for competitions that use IRS

In addition to the above, some minor editorial changes have been made, which can be found in the new FIBA Official Rule Book along with an explanation and information regarding the administration of violations during free throws.

We recommend this video from Referee University in Canada (https:/ as being an excellent resource, summarising the main changes that will impact on GUB competitions.
In addition, we have attached a comprehensive description of the changes, in a document provided by FIBA.