Geelong United Basketball Fees



Team Entry – $70

  • This fee is due upon registration of a social team. Community clubs will
  • A $10 late entry administration fee is placed on top of this fee for teams that enter in later

Game Tickets – $10

  • A game ticket must be purchased before every game.
  • Prepaid tickets are available to purchase at our shop (link above). These tickets are ideal for those who wish to skip the line of often have kids playing at different stadiums.

Player Registration

Basketball Victoria Licence Fee – $25 – $39

  • $25 for participants under 18 years of age
  • $39 for participants over the age of 18.
  • This fee is due once every 365 days. This usually occurs at the beginning of either a winter or summer competition.

Geelong United Basketball Membership – $55

  • This fee includes the $30 Facility Levy
  • This fee is due once every season
  • If you play for multiple teams, please contact the GUB office for more information.