GUB Camp Registration and Indemnity Form

This form is for participants in the Winter 2022 school holiday SuperCamps and Girls Only Camp.

GUB Holiday Camp Registration & Indemnity

All GUB Camp participants should complete both the online payment process AND this form to finalise their registration.
  • Please provide details of any medical conditions (including learning difficulties or behavioural issues, such as ASD, ADHD, etc) that our staff should be aware of.
  • Please detail the names (first and last) of any friend/s that your child would like to be grouped with on the day. You may also include any further details that may assist us to provide the best experience for your child.
  • If your child was registered (paid) by someone other than the parent/guardian listed on this form, please advise, so we can match the completed indemnity form with the payment.