Winter 22 Team Entries

Winter 2022 Season information

To register your Winter 2022 team please click the link at the bottom of the page.  

Please read the following information before you enter your team into the Winter 22 season. This information is largely relevant for club teams and participants. If you have any questions about your club teams the best place to start is to speak to your club delegate.

Important Dates:

  • Team Entries will close for Round 1 on the 20th of April (Teams are still accepted after this date, fees and waiting periods apply)
  • All competitions will commence from the 24th of April
  • Grading will be held between round 1 and 6 (This may be extended or reduced at the discretion of the Community competitions team)
  • Semi Finals will be held between the 3rd and the 9th of September (inclusive)
  • Grand Finals will be held between the 10th and 16th of September (inclusive)
  • Public Holidays that will be observed this season include:
    • Anzac Day – 25th of April
    • Queens Birthday – 13th of June
  • Please see the calendar below:

Player Registrations

  • All players must pay their registrations before taking the court. Penalty’s for not do so are applied through out the season.
  • To register you will need to get a copy of the unique code sent to the team contact from PlayHQ after they have entered in the team. If you cannot locate this code, please contact GUB for assistance.
  • The GUB membership fee is due each season. If you play for more then one team, please email with your full name and the names of the teams that you play in. We will be able to provide you with a code after you have registered to your first team.
  • Basketball Victoria participation license – This is due annually. If you have paid this and it is up to date you will not be asked to pay it again.
  • You may also be asked to pay a club fee. For information on this please contact your club directly.


  • If you are participating in a social or a school league team, you don’t need to a transfer. You can play in both leagues within the one season.
  • If you play for a club team and you are wanting to move or play with a different club, this season please talk to both clubs about this beforehand. Information that is important to disclose, is your Date of Birth, If you have ever played in a pathway program (Big V, NBL1, VJBL) and the team and division that you played in last season.
  • You can’t play for two different clubs.


  • Walkovers/Forfeits – If you do not provide GUB with adequate notice of a walkover a fine will be sent to the team contact.
  • Withdrawal Fines – This is a fine incurred when you with draw your team after fixtures have been applied.

For more information about fees please see our Geelong United Basketball Fees Page


  • Social teams are fully responsible for obtaining their own uniforms.
  • There must be numbers on the front and the back of the uniform that can be easily readable by the referees. This cannot be written or drawn on, but should be sublimated, printed, or ironed on.
  • Teams will forfeit uniform points (2 per item out of uniform) to the other team, if out of uniform. This will be applied after grading.
  • The best place to arrange uniforms is online however you can also purchase them at Kmart, Rebel sports and Di Grandis. We recommend the purchase of reversable singlets
  • If you are apart of a club, please contact your club about getting a new or replacement uniform.

Grading And Fixtures

  • Grading will be held between weeks 1 – 6. With it to end between weeks 4 -6 at the discretion of the Competitions administration.
  • Requests for a review of grading results must be made between weeks 1 – 4 of the official season. These requests must be made in writing and are reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • Ladders will be reset at the end of the grading period/ at the beginning of the official season. If any changes in a grade are made after this period and to ensure that a team is entering their new grade on even footing all previous games will become draws.
  • If you and a few of your team mates have a planned holiday, school camp or going to be away on a particular day you would normally play, please let us know well in advance and we may be able to swap some things around to avoid a walkover. Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee anything.

Times and Locations

  • All teams from all competitions should anticipate playing any of our seven venues across the night.
  • Teams should also anticipate that they could be playing between the following times for any game across the season.
    • Junior competitions – Between 4:30pm and 8:00pm
    • Seniors competitions – Between 6:00pm and 11pm.
  • GUB do not take time and location preferences into account. Unfortunately, with the size of our competitions we can no longer fairly implement these requests.
  • If you know that most of your team will be away in advance, please let our staff know and we can try to arrange a BYE for your team on that day.
MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday Friday SaturdaySunday
U12 BoysU14 GirlsU16 BoysU12 GirlsSocial U23 BoysU10 GirlsSocial Senior
U14 BoysU16 GirlsU18 BoysU20 BoysU10 Boys
Club MenU18/20 GirlsSocial MenU23 BoysU12 Boys
Club WomenClub MenSchool
Prep-2 mixed
Club Women School
3-4 mixed
Social MenSchool
5-6 mixed
Social WomenSchool 7-8
Boys & Girls
Club Men
Social Men

Communication, Complaints and Queries

  • Our main way of contacting teams and players is via email. When we make a change to the fixture, there is a change to the way we can play basketball or some important information to tell you, we will email you.
  • When there is a more urgent matter (game cancelled) we will call your team contact.
  • If you have any questions, feedback or would like to make a complaint please contact us on the information below.  – (03) 5277 1388

  • You can view a copy of our complaints procedure HERE. If you would simply like to tell us some feedback, you can always talk to any of our staff members or email us on the above information.

Play HQ

  • PlayHQ is the program that we use for fixtures, registrations and many other things related to our community program
  • When you register a team or yourself you will need to make an account. It is important that you remember the log in details of this for future registrations and team entries.
  • With your account it will also record your statistics, payments, and have settings related to your contact information that you can keep up to date, including privacy settings.
  • If you play another sport (AFL, Netball, Cricket) you may already have an account with PlayHQ. You can use this account to manage your basketball team or register yourself to the team
  • For and troubleshooting or problems PlayHQ have an helpful page HERE, Please also feel free to contact us with any problems that you may encounter.