Referee Nominations

This is an expression of interest; you will not be guaranteed a spot to the event. GUB admin will be submitting names to Basketball Victoria who will make the final decision.

We will be looking for those officials who are keen to succeed, work hard to improve their skills by doing higher level games and regularly commit to supporting our domestic competitions. There are some great opportunities available!

Your attitude, work ethic and availability will all be factors in the officials’ selected to attend. GUB will provide $50 as a support payment for each official selected and you will receive Basketball Victoria game rates for the games completed at the event. As well you’ll benefit from the on-court coaching by experienced State Referee Coaches

U16/U18 Division 3/4 – 19/20th March at Ballarat

U14 Country Championships 9th -11th Traralgon

U12 Country Championships 22nd-24th Ballarat

Jamboree TBC dates and venue

Accommodation CAN be provided by Basketball Victoria which will cost $50-60 per night. Or you can source you own accommodation for the event.
Basketball Victoria will provide vouchers in which you can purchase food and drink. You need to organise transport to and from the event as well as during the event. Carpooling with other officials and referee coaches during the event is an option. (Parent/ Guardians will need to sign a permission form for underage transport

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