Summer 2022 Finals Qualification

This page is for social and school teams who are looking for more information on how many games are needed to play in a top 4 final game and how many games they have currently played.

If you play for a club team, this information will be with your club. Please contact them for more information

This list was last updated on the 24/02/2022


This table will note how many games a player will need to play in their team, specific to their division.

This is calculated by the total number of games a team has played across the season (including grading) and divided by 2. If this is an uneven number it has been rounded up.

(SOCIAL) Tuesday Senior Men 116158
(SOCIAL) Tuesday Senior Men 216158
(SOCIAL) Tuesday Senior Men 316158
(SOCIAL) Tuesday Senior Men 416147
(SOCIAL) Tuesday Senior Women 116147
(SOCIAL) Tuesday Senior Women 216147
(SOCIAL) Wednesday Senior Men 115137
(SOCIAL) Wednesday Senior Men 215147
(SOCIAL) Wednesday Senior Men 315137
(SOCIAL) Wednesday Senior Men 415147
(SOCIAL) Wednesday Senior Men 515147
(SOCIAL) Wednesday Senior Men 615137
(SOCIAL) Wednesday Senior Men 715147
(SOCIAL) Thursday Senior Men 116137
(SOCIAL) Thursday Senior Men 216147
(SOCIAL) Thursday Senior Men 316147
(SOCIAL) Thursday Senior Men 416147
(SOCIAL) Thursday Senior Men 516158
(SOCIAL) Thursday Senior Men 616158
(SCHOOL) Thursday Grade 3&4 Div 114126
(SCHOOL) Thursday Grade 3&4 Div 214116
(SCHOOL) Thursday Grade 5&6 Div 114126
(SCHOOL) Thursday Grade 5&6 Div 214137
(SCHOOL) Thursday Grade Prep-2n/an/an/a
(SOCIAL) Friday U23 Boys15147
(SOCIAL) Sunday Senior Mixed 116168
(SOCIAL) Sunday Senior Mixed 216158

GAMES PLAYED (Each player)

This is a table of what players are registered to your team and how many games they have played.

  • Has paid full registration
  • Has linked themselves to the team
  • Has selected themselves as playing on the scoresheet before each game.

For a game to contribute to the total amount of games played all of the following criteria must be met.

If you believe this isn’t accurate please contact for assistance.

You can also view your season statistics and team statistics, including how many games played on your PlayHQ profile.

For information on how to view this please click HERE.

If you play for multiple teams, please ensure that you look at the top column under each team’s name for the accurate number of games played “GP”.

The last time this list was updated was on the 7/3/2022, 2:25pm